Fallout Retro HUD



A modern reimagining of what the HUD of the classic Fallout games would look like if it had been designed two decades later. Partially inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn, I attempted to redesign Fallout 4's HUD in a way that would fit both the original aesthetic of the 90s Fallout games and modern design sensibilities.

The HP meter is based on various dials and gauges found in 1950s measuring equipment, while the AP display is based on the original AP display from the original Fallout and Fallout 2. The weapon and ammunition display at the bottom right is based on the weapon and firing mode selection button in the classic Fallout games, although with a green phosphorus wireframe display instead of the CG render used in those games. The last HUD element present is the compass at the top of the screen, which is intended to look similar to a 1950s compass, except in the form of a straight line instead of a circle.