SBemu is an unfiction piece - a piece of fiction that gives no indication of being fiction within itself, and plays out as if it were happening in the real world (except for the warning at the bottom of the Fileware page, which I felt was needed so people don't accidentally end up installing malware on their computers). The interactive experience starts on a shady download website, where the user somehow stumbles upon an emulator for a type of computer used almost exclusively in Vefre, a country located on another planet. Through browsing this alternate form of internet, users can discover bits and pieces of worldbuilding as well as the general political climate of modern-day Vefre.

The main aims of this project were worldbuilding and analyzing how neoliberalism pretends to oppose fascism while at the same time incorporating elements of it into itself, all for the end goal of making the rich richer.

This was my final student project, and its showcase page is available here.

Final outcome available here.

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