Hi! I'm Rebecca.

I'm a UI/UX designer for the most part, but I also like to think myself as an artist, so I make digital art, take photos with an analogue camera that's older than I am, on top of trying to make a movie, somehow, and occasionally making videos and putting them on PeerTube (and also YouTube but begrugedly).

One of my primary goals as a designer is to work with the free and open-source software community by designing pretty and practical interfaces for FOSS and help make the world a bit more free.

You may notice some weird stylistic choices here, like '90s website style writing, as sort of an intersection between nostalgia and sincerity, as it seemed fitting for a website with minimal JavaScript elements. Also, the art page might seem broken, but I promise it's not.

Feel free to talk to me at hazelnot, hazelnotxyz, or email me at hazelnot@mailbox.org.